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Hello! My name is Tammy and I'm so happy that you're here! I am a professional photographer serving the Ottawa and Gatineau region. I specialize in lifestyle and documentary photography, working both outdoors and inside client's homes. My mission is to make your photography experience convenient, FUN and truly memorable. I don't want you to feel like you are having a photographer take photos of your family. I want you to feel comfortable, like you're hanging out with a good friend. 

Ottawa Family Photographer Tammy Bouchard

I invite you to view my work and peruse my website to see if I would be the right fit for you. Choosing a photographer is an important decision after all!

If you have any questions and you’d like to chat, please send me a message or give me a call at 613-614-2414.

Tammy is our go to family photographer. Her work speaks for itself, it is so untouched, stunning, and real. At first, we were unsure how “docu-style” photography session would work; would it be weird having someone snaps pics of you without you knowing? Invasive? Awkward? No, no and no. It was completely natural, relaxed, and comfortable—way less stressful then a staged session. Tammy is so great at what she does that you barely know she’s there, we just went about our daily lives. What she captures is a family in the moment, in a raw, real moment. It makes for beautiful story and something that we will cherish for a lifetime. Thank you Tammy for capturing our precious moments and making them a lasting memory.
— Julie & Kyle Turris
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