Top 10 Favourite Images of 2016!

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I have officially been in business for a year now, and I felt it would be appropriate to take a look back at my favourite images of this special first year.  I also want to explain WHY these images speak to me so much.

Now, I am no David Letterman. So here are my top ten favourite images of 2016:

1. Leading lines! Contrast! Symmetry! Let's not forget the story too. All these things combined make my heart go pitter-patter. I gave my client both the colour AND black & white versions of this image, but the black & white conversion is the one that truly stands out.

It also highlights the convenience of a home session when you have a baby. Wrapped like a little burrito, she fell asleep in mom's arms, so it was time to put her down in her crib for some sweet dreams.

2. I am a big fan of using natural light from a window to achieve those really dark blacks and bright whites. I love this contrast. The touch of mom's hand on her son's head, speaks volumes. He was looking out the window watching Daddy as he headed off to work. Also, faces do not always need to be shown to convey a story and emotions. 

3. Daddy's girl! He's smiling so big just watching her laugh. How many times have you experienced that? It's an overwhelming feeling that instantly makes your heart triple in size. The hug, and the connected hands are the cherry on top!

4. I really think it's important to get a few couple shots when the opportunity arises. This was an early morning session, and the light was just perfect. They were just as warm and cozy with each other as the sun behind them! 

Brantwood Park, Ottawa, ON

5. Geez, where do I even start on this one? That chubby little arm reaching out to mom, and that sweet little kiss on the hand is what really gets me. Then there's the sweet little sound of babe suckling on her pacifier as she drifts off to sleep. Kind of reminds me of when my kids were babies.....(sniff).

Danielle Ryan

6. How many moms have a portrait of JUST themselves? You know, other than the quick selfies on your phone. Guess what? This portrait was taken in the most ordinary of places! Right outside of her garage!! Yep. The textures here is what I love the most, other than this beautiful mama of course! The soft knits and the rough bricks worked so well together. 

Nicholle Anderson

7. Who needs green space for great photos? It's really not necessary. I have oodles of images from this session that I just adore, so it was really tough to pick which one to share. The session started in their home and then moved outdoors for a walk in the neighbourhood. Simplicity! 

8. Why not schedule a session when you have family visiting? As I arrived, my client told me where the kids were, and that her mother was upstairs in the nursery. Well, that's the first place I went! This was the first image of the session. I walked in to find this lovely scene. Grandmother holding her sleeping granddaughter. Well, as you can imagine, this image resulted in a print for a Christmas gift. 

9. THIS! I asked this beautiful family to simply gather in the same space and just talk to each other. I don't remember exactly what they were talking about though, I think I'll have to write these things down from now on! This is how I do my family portraits, no saying "cheese" please! Some of them are looking at the camera, some are looking at each other. The youngest with a big laugh, this is perfection in my eyes. 

Chris & Caitlin Neil

10. Outdoor fall image at sunset. What else can I say? The warmth, the sunburst and father & son walking their pups. I really like the divide in this image, soft blur on the right, and sharp on the left.

To be honest, it's really tough to choose just 10 images. There are so many that really speak to me. Maybe next year I'll choose a baker's dozen! 

Which of the images here are your favourites? Don't be shy, tell me why!

Hang on a sec...


11. Warm fall colours on a sunny morning. What kid isn't happy when a parent lifts them up high? The eye contact between them was constant, which really made this even more special.