The Value of a Printed Photograph

Ottawa Family Photographer - Zombie Apocalypse? Grab Your Photos!

As a professional photographer, I have thousands of photos of my family. Ok, so maybe that's a tad of an understatement. Like everyone, I have those adorable moments of my kids in the bathtub when they put bubbles on their head, to the crazy moments when they're goofing around and all you can hear are those really heavy belly laughs. The ones that make it impossible not to smile and laugh right along with them. But, how do you ensure you have those photos forever? 

Now, humour me for just a moment while I explain the value of a printed photograph. Any fans of The Walking Dead out there? Ok, yes, I can be a bit of a zombie apocalypse geek, but hear me out. In episode 1 of the 1st season, Rick Grimes, the lead character in one of the most brilliant television series ever written, leaves the hospital after waking from a coma and eventually walks to his home in this new "walker" infested world. He arrives to see that his wife and son are gone. Drawers were opened with clothes strewn about indicating that they left in a hurry. What else did they take with them when they left? Their PHOTOS! I think you get my point! 

My 4 year old daughter admiring a photo of me as a child. She loved noticing how much we look alike! 

Having said that, do you have organized folders on your hard drive? What if your hard drive crashes or gets a virus? Do you have a back up with an online storage provider? Do you have a back-up on CD? What about when CD's become obsolete? The one way to ensure you have these special family heirlooms forever is to print! Print your images and make an album, or get a photo book. Get some canvases for your walls...whatever it is...get some prints. Don't forget to get prints for other family members as well.

Back home, my parents have a lovely shelf with at least a dozen photo albums. Not to mention, drawers in a filing cabinet full of prints as well. I can't tell you the number of times I've looked through those albums when I visit. Other family members have as well. It's so easy to grab an album off the shelf. However, do you think you'll ever sit in front of a computer years from now, sift through a hard drive to find those photos and go through them with your kids and grandkids on your lap? Probably not. 

So, what about the devastating possibility of a house fire? Well, that would indeed be devastating. You'll lose those images on print and on your drive or CD's. This very thing happened to my husband's family when he was a teen. All those photos of his childhood, gone in the blink of an eye. Thankfully, other family members also had great photos of him as a child. Not ALL was lost. So don't forget, make albums for grandma and grandpa too! 

A printed photograph is more than just a piece of paper. It's a memory. It's a feeling. It's a family heirloom, passed down through generations. 

Please print! You'll be so happy you did.

A printed photo of my mother and I sleeping from around 1980. To the right, a photo of my own daughter and I sleeping soundly together....the difference is, mine is trapped in my smartphone!