Working with Tammy was such a great experience! She doesn’t make it feel like a service transaction. Her shoots are so natural and easy going,and there’s no stress. The fact that she can come to you when you have little kids gives you the peace of mind knowing they will feel comfortable.
— Danielle & Bobby Ryan

My  Photography  Style - Ottawa  Family Photographer

I work mostly with natural light, although artificial light in a home is sometimes unavoidable. Using the right environmental factors, correct camera settings and equipment to capture the foundation of the image, I post-process the images digitally to add my own artistic impression to create unique pieces. I love to enhance the light, colour and contrast to create an image that matches the vision in my mind's eye. I have a love for developing photographs from film in a darkroom, a love going back 20 years, so I like to give that same film-like finish to the digital photos I process today. My clients and peers have described my work as emotive, honest, intimate, fun and natural. Take a look...