Who am I?

I am a mom of 2 precious children and one incredibly sweet dog. I am the wife of the most wonderful and supportive man in the world. I am a creative soul and lover of all the simple things in life. We love to get out and enjoy nature as a family and visit museums at every chance we get. We spend those gorgeous summer days at the beach at Fitzroy Provincial Park, where we camp as well. Then Shirley's Bay, west of Ottawa, is our favourite spot for a picnic and wading in the water.

Watching our children grow up so fast, and capturing those candid moments for our own family inspired me to do the same for other families.  Seeing how busy our own family was all the time was the catalyst that made me focus on home documentary & lifestyle photography. After having studied fine arts and photography in university, the leap to create this business was a no-brainer. The next step was to make this easy on my client. After all, you are busy too! Below are a few points to explain what you can expect during the process and what I can do for you.  

The Photography Experience

  • The process will begin with the signing of the service agreement and 50% payment of your Collection of choice.
  • Your session will be playful and fun. Let the kids be kids and you can just enjoy the moments unfolding organically. 
  • Every session is a harmonious blend of documentary and lifestyle photography. Some images will be slightly orchestrated and planned, most will not. 
  • Family portraits during these sessions are not posed in a traditional sense, but rather they document the natural and emotional interactions among family members within close proximity.
  • The day after your session, you will have the opportunity to see a preview of 1 image that I will post on my Facebook and Instagram pages.   
  • You will be given the opportunity to purchase either 10, 40, or 60 images. You will have the choice of which images to purchase.

Great Pyrenees - "Le grand roi Dagobert"

Home family & pet lifestyle & documentary photography session - Quebec